Rollie Pollie


Rolli Polli Slappers - Lollipops

These soft type lollipops bend anyway you want and are just as flexible. Bend them as you please into any shape imaginable, you can also fill your Rolli Polli Slappers with other candies to get the best experience. Classic popular Mexican candy great for parties, pinatas, party bags/gifts, and or other events.

UPC UNIT: 8500082665761
Pack Size: 12/ 12ct
Case Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 9.25g
Pallet Configuration: 24 x 15

Crazy Fruits Rolli Polli Slappers contain 12 pieces per bag.

Flavors may include: blueberry, orange, hibiscus, watermelon, mango, cucumber, tamarind and guava. Enjoy with family and friends.